Fall Product Sale 2014 Important Dates

Community product sale coordinators can receive their training at any of these dates:

Aug. - September - Leaders contact your Community Product Sale Coordinator for training and materials.
Sept. 19 Girls begin selling nuts, candies, magazines and online sales
Oct. 24 Girls stop direct sales. 
Oct. 24 Online sales will still be available, but troop proceeds will end on sales beyond this date.
Oct. 28 Troop Leaders must enter their girls' orders into the Nut-e System.
Oct. 29 Communities have reviewed their troops and know troops are entered and done
Nov. 15 Delivery of orders to communities
Nov. 30 Girls should have received their rewards from the troop
Dec. 1 Alerts, if necessary, due to Bedford office. No edits to the sweep data can be made beyond this date.
Dec. 5 ACH sweep will be processed.
Online nut store will close Jan. 1, 2015.

For assistance with any part of the sale, contact your Community Product Sale Coordinator, or contact Kathie Hebert, khebert@girlscoutsgwm.org, or Robin Boyd, rboyd@girlscoutsgwm.org