Bronze Award

Bronze Award

The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest award that a Girl Scout Junior can earn. The award represents your commitment to making a difference in your community. It offers you a unique opportunity to affect powerful, positive change AND, by choosing to take this step and by being an active member of your community, you are saying “I CAN make a difference.”

Most importantly, you choose a project that interests you. Where is your passion? What do you want to say? What will be your legacy to your community? The choices are only limited by your imagination and determination.

After you have completed one Junior Journey, you ready to begin! First read the Bronze Award Information Packet and have your adult volunteers read the Bronze Award Adult Volunteer Guide located in the documents section.  Then gather your Bronze Award team: you can work on the Bronze Award with your whole troop or a smaller group of girls.  Your family and your troop leaders can be your adult volunteers.  You will also need to find a project advisor, who is an expert on your project’s issue or who works for the organization you are serving.  Together with your adult volunteers, you can watch the Bronze Award Information Session video.  If you will need money to do your project, have your adult volunteers read the Financing Your Highest Award Guide for important information and guidelines about fundraising. 

Bronze Award Projects should make a difference in the community.  They should address the problem of your issue, educate and inspire others, and advocate for a change.  Your troop leader (or adult Girl Scout volunteer on your team if you don’t have a troop leader) will approve your project.  Each Junior Girl Scout in your Bronze Award team will need to complete a suggested minimum of 20 hours for the project.  Hours can be counted simultaneously for the group.  Hours dedicated to fundraising or fundraising purposes cannot count towards the 20 hours of the project. 

When you are finished with your project, each girl on the Bronze Award Project team should fill out her own Bronze Award Final Report.  Bronze Award Final Reports with any supporting documents and pictures can be emailed to Jessie O’Leary or mailed to the Bedford Corporate Office.  Processing and review of paperwork takes approximately two weeks from receipt.  You should note if you would like certificates mailed to you or to your troop leaders for a troop ceremony.  Upon approval of your Bronze Award Final Report, troop leaders or family members may purchase your Bronze Award pin in the store.