Vermont Daisy/Brownie Events Pathway Group

This Events Pathway Group (EPG) offers you the best of both worlds: the flexibility of the Events Pathway, and the opportunity to experience Girl Scouts with a group of new friends like a troop! Attend three local events and then join all the other EPGs at our Sister to Sister celebration at Camp Farnsworth to share Take-Action projects done outside of the EPG events! Girls will have the opportunity to work on Girl Scout activities on their own and share them between events, participate in product sales, and even join other pathways. 

The Events Pathway Coordinator will support the groups by facilitating online activities, helping girls during product sales, assisting girls as they complete their take-action projects, and working with all the girls to plan the Sister to Sister celebration. Girls will be supported at Events by Girl Scout vendors and volunteers. Parents also play a primary support role, and are asked to attend events with their daughters in addition to supporting online work and the Take-Action project.

Cost: $70 per girl


International Girls' Day

Teddy Bear Clinic

What's Your Fable?

Sister to Sister