GSGWM International Trips

These GSGWM trips are organized by internationally recognized tour company EF Tours, and chaperoned by GSGWM staff and volunteers. Any registered Girl Scout who is over the age of 14 at the time of the trip may register for these amazing trips. Adults may register through EF or apply to be in charge of a trip through council. Both individual girls and troops may register.

Experience Spain – Summer 2015

Experience the many facets of Spanish life as you participate in hands-on cultural activities across Spain. A traditional Moroccan tea house, a local olive oil museum, a flamenco show, an art workshop, a meeting with local students—from the Costa del Sol to Seville to Madrid, each moment uncovers a new layer of Spain’s diverse traditions and rich heritage. Click the link below for more details.

Spain Chaperones:

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Dublin, London, Paris – Summer 2016

Three European capitals combine to provide countless incredible memories for your troop—from the hospitality of the Irish, to the sophistication of the English, to the romance of Parisians. Find out why Dublin has so many colorful doors, see where Shakespeare drew his early inspiration, and put your camera’s memory to the test with photos of the Eiffel Tower! Click the link below for more details.

Dublin, London, Paris Chaperones:

Jackie Bruleigh, GSGWM Coordinator of Marketing, Social Media and Website

Jackie has been a Girl Scout locally for 18 years, serving as a girl member on the board of directors, and working as a Farnsworth camp counselor for 3 years before joining GSGWM full time as the New Media Coordinator. She holds a BA in History of Science, History of Medicine and a MPH in Social and Behavioral Science (with a focus on health in the media) from Yale University. This is Jackie’s first job after graduation, and she’s thrilled to be working to make Girl Scouting more accessible through the internet. Jackie lives in Boston, where she writes and performs comedy and tries (and fails) to keep her tea and book collections in check.

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