Gold Award

Gold Award

Are you ready to make a difference in the world?

The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting.

Open only to girls in high school, this prestigious award challenges you to change the world—or at least your corner of it. 

By the time you put the final touches on your seven-step project, you'll have solved a community problem—not only in the short term, but for years into the future—and you’ll be eligible for college scholarships.

Check out the seven steps below.

  • Identify an issue.
    • Use your values and skills to choose a community issue that you care about.
  • Investigate it thoroughly.
    • Use your sleuthing skills to learn everything you can about the issue you've identified.
  • Get help and build your team.
    • Form a team to support your efforts and help you Take Action.
  • Create a plan.
    • Identify the root cause of an issue, and then create a plan to tackle it.
  • Present your plan and gather feedback.
    • Submit your Project Proposal Form (below) to your Girl Scout council for approval. As of October 1, 2015, all projects will be submitted via the Gold Award App.
  • Take action.
    • Lead your team and carry out your plan.
  • Educate and inspire.
    • Tell your story and share your results.

The Benefits of Going Gold

Girl Scout Gold Award recipients do well in life! They rate their general success significantly higher than their peers and report greater success in reaching their goals in many areas.

  • Higher education and career
    • Distinguish yourself in the college admissions process
    • Earn college scholarships
    • Enter the military one rank higher
  • Life skills
    • Be seen as a role model and distinguished leader
    • Master time management skills
    • Make the world a better place
  • Community
    • Use your vision for change
    • Tackle an issue, locally or globally
    • Establish a lifetime network
    • Create your community legacy with a sustainable solution to a problem

Source: Girl Scouting Works: The Alumnae Impact Study, a report from the Girl Scout Research Institute, 2012

Start your Gold Award Application

Dowload the Gold Award Guidelines, Gold Award Proposal Form, and Gold Award Final Report below. You can now submit your Gold Award Project Proposal online using the GSUSA web app. Check it out here!


Submitting Gold Award Proposals for the '15-'16 Membership Year

Effective October 1, 2015, Gold Award candidates submitting project proposals must now use the Go Gold web app.. It's an easy way to complete the paperwork process at your own pace. Go Gold works best with a Firefox browser and computer (phones and tablets are not recommended). For technical assistance with Go Gold, contact Computers are available for use in completing applications at both our Bedford and Williston offices.

Adult Guide: Girl Scout Gold Award

As a volunteer, you’ll encourage Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors working toward their Girl Scout Gold Award. Use the Adult Guide (below) to help you support girls as they develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

Come to a Meeting!

The Gold Award Support Committee meets once every month. Proposal must be submitted two weeks prior to the meeting date to be reviewed. Meetings are at our Bedford Service Center or can be setup online via video conference.

100 Years of Extraordinary Projects from Extraordinary Girls

As a Gold Award recipient, you're part of an elite group of women. Starting in 1916, the best and brightest undertook projects that improved their communities—and the world. The Golden Eaglet insignia, the highest award in Girl Scouting from 1916 to 1939, marked the beginning of a long tradition of recognizing the extraordinary efforts of extraordinary girls. From 1940 to 1963, the Curved Bar Award was the highest honor in Girl Scouting. From 1963 to 1980, the highest award was called First Class. And since 1980, the Gold Award has inspired girls to find the greatness inside themselves and share their ideas and passions with their communities.

How to Go Above and Beyond

Become a National Young Woman of Distinction!

United We Serve

Prudential Spirit Awards honor outstanding youth volunteerism.

Girls can partner with their Girl Scout councils on small grants to support their Take Action projects. Contact your council if you plan on applying for a grant.

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