Gift of Caring

Gift of Caring

For various reasons, some customers do not want to buy cookies for themselves, or they have only a limited need. With Gift of Caring, they have a chance to give to others while supporting Girl Scouting at the same time.


Create a Gift of Caring Project

  1. One organization: The troop chooses an organization in their community that they would like to support with packages of donated Girl Scout Cookies (senior centers, women and children shelters, local food pantries, etc.).
  2. Hometown Heroes: The troop decides to recognize their own “Hometown Heroes” – women and men working to support their community as firefighters, EMTs, police officers, etc.
  3. Operation Cookie: The troop decides to send their donated cookies to our servicewomen and servicemen in military service all over the world.

Operation Cookie 

Operation Cookie involves collecting cookies to donate to military personnel. In 2013, thanks to donations from cookie customers, veterans’ groups, and Girl Scout troops, Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains donated 9,593 packages of Girl Scout Cookies! Through the Family Readiness Program at Pease ANGB, cookies will be distributed to military personnel here and abroad.

Since the Persian Gulf War, the New Hampshire Air National Guard’s family support program has made it possible to deliver a “taste of home” to our military forces. Many donors including veterans’ groups and Girl Scouts wrote cards and letters and sent them with the boxes.

During Door-to-Door Sales, Walkabouts or Workplace sales:

  • Write on your order card the name of the group to receive donated cookies, and ask customers if they would like to purchase a package or two to donate.

If the customer has only purchased cookies for Gift of Caring (GOC), this is the only time where girls will collect money when taking the order, because there will be no delivery. If the same customer has ordered both cookies for Gift of Caring and for themselves, you may collect the payment for all the cookies at the time of delivery. Just make sure to mark their order paid.

Each troop will deliver the Gift of Caring cookies to their chosen organization or to their Hometown Heroes.

Please note that your regular Troop Gift of Caring orders will come with your troop delivery and you will deliver to your chosen charity. Operation Cookies are virtual. You will not receive your "OC" cookies as they will be shipped to GSGWM and we will do the rest to get them overseas. Please note the two columns on girl order cards and in eBudde.

Girls can still make cards and letters of support to be sent with the cookies. Just mail or deliver them to our Bedford, NH or Williston, VT Service Centers.

At booth sales:

  • Display a sign that informs which group you are supporting.
  • Create or use this 7th Cookie Box that informs which group you are supporting.
  • Create a drop box where customers can place donated cookies, and watch the donated cookies stacking up!
  • Create a tally poster to track the number of donated packages, so customers can see their donations making a difference.