Cookie Booth Sales

Did You Know? 

  • Troops that have cookie booth sales are almost twice as likely to accomplish their goals than troops that don’t.
  • Cookie booth sales can help your troop reach more customers, and give girls more opportunities to practice their people skills.

The purpose of booth sales is for the girls to understand the division of labor and teamwork necessary in the success of a small business. By working together on a booth, girls learn how the labors of each individual works toward accomplishing a collective goal. The girls should work together to decide who is responsible for each part of the booth sale process and which shifts they will each cover on the day(s) of the sale.

How Girls Participate in a Booth Sale:

A troop will usually have 5 girls (Daisy troops have a minimum of 3 girls) participating in the development and running of the booth. They can participate by either helping make signs for the booth, helping spread flyers for the booth, or conducting the sales at the booth. Girls who are not participating in the Troop Pathway can participate in booth sales by:

  • Joining with their local troop in their booth sale
  • Work with their Pathway Coordinator in creating a booth sale made up of a team of at least 5 girls from alternative Pathways: events, camp, series, virtual and travel.

Please abide by the requests of the establishment allowing you to conduct a booth sale on their premises. If they prefer only two girls at a time at the booth sale, then please work out shifts for all girls wishing to participate.

Late Booth Sales:

Late booth sales can be conducted by a troop or group after the official end of the GSGWM Girl Scout Cookie Sale.  (April 3, 2016)  Late booth request forms are to be submitted to Kathie Hebert,  Girl Scout cookies should not be sold after May 30. The Late Booth Request Form can be found at the bottom of the page.

Cookie Return Policy:

Cupboards are officially closed after April 4, 2016.  Cookies can no longer be returned after this date.

Credit Card Sales:

GSGWM allows troops to accept credit card sales. A troop can obtain their own credit card swiper and credit card processing account (Square, for example, has been most popular)  The troop is responsible for the transaction fees. Girl are able to use a mobile app that will connect to their unique DOC account to accept credit card transactions when they delivery their cookies. Transaction fees for this app only are covered by council.

Extra Opportunity For Girls!

If a girl is trying to achieve a unique goal, she and a parent may conduct a booth sale.

  • The troop or pathway coordinator will need to submit the request in eBudde on behalf of the girl.
  • The parent will sign for the cookies at a cupboard and be financially responsible for those cookies.
  • The troop proceeds on those sales will still go to the troop or pathway just as if it were a troop booth sale.
  • The girl will receive her cookie dough for those sales in addition to her initial sale or other sales with her troop.
  • Just as a troop, the parent will only be able to return up to 25% of the cookies borrowed from the cupboard in same-flavor, unopened cases. Any roundups or surplus will need to be sold by the girl or paid for by the parent.
  • Money from this sale must be turned in to the troop leader promptly to be deposited into the troop account.

We know there are girls who are trying to reach a specific goal, i.e. paying for their camp program or attending a destination. This gives girls one more opportunity to reach their goals. Please note, however, that some locations are limited and will need to be shared with other troops and individuals. Community Product Sale Coordinators will approve every booth request, be it individual or troop, based on the demand of that community. Some cupboard transaction requests may be limited based on inventory, location, or demand for product on a given date. Please understand that we are hoping to serve all girls trying to reach their goals.

5 Easy Steps to a Successful Booth Sale:

Step 1: Pick a busy place and time
Contact your Community Product Sales Coordinator for suggestions about a fantastic location for your troop's booth sale

Step 2: Stock Up Wisely!
Check out a responsible amount of cookies for your location and be prepared to take orders to deliver later if you run out. Remember, only 25% of full cases of cookies may be returned to the Cupboard after your booth sale within one business day of checking them out.

Step 3: Advertise!
It pays to advertise. Involve the girls in brainstorming ways to attract customers to your cookie booth. Place posters announcing your upcoming booth sale around town in places seen by many people.

Step 4: Recruit adult help!
It is important to have enough adults present to insure the safety of the girls. Check the Cookie Product Sale Safety Activity Checkpoints for the standards and procedures that apply to booth sales. Be mindful of the suggested number of attendees by your host location.

Step 5: Be Prepared!
Practice sales techniques with the girls. Know the detailed info about each of the cookie flavors. Brush up on money-handling skills. Remind the girls to wear their uniform.

Safety First At Booth Sales!
Be sure the girls and adults understand and follow these safety rules.

Bling Your Booth!

One of the easiest ways to increase your sales is to Bling Your Booth! It's fun, and festive, and a great creative way to attract more customers. Try a few ideas from our Little Brownie Baker Website, or even try out our great cookie costumes- sign up for a costume below!

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