Where in the World is Flat Juliette?

The Flat Juliette program is a digital scrapbook program that promotes international literacy and friendship. It is based on the Flat Stanley/Stacie projects, started by a school teacher.

In the Flat Stanley/Stacie book, Stanley/Stacie get flattened while sleeping one night by a bulletin board. They are very surprised when they wake up and find they are flat! Their parents try and think positively about this change and tell them, they can visit anyone, anywhere because they fit in an envelope and it’s cheap to mail!

Notes for Flat Juliette:

  • Cut her out of cardstock or poster board. You can even laminate her to keep her neat and make a stand to help photograph her. This will give her some protection and longevity!  Remember to add some tabs to hold her clothes on unless you plan on using tape.
  • Put the girl’s name/troop number and address/email address on the back of Juliette. This is to be sure Juliette comes home!
  • Create a story about how Juliette got flattened. Send your story with her in the mail with a note describing your project. Ask the recipient of Flat Juliette to send you photos or postcards of  her travels.  Include a return address label to facilitate her return to you. Ask your family and friends to fill out the journal page or create a journal entry all your own!
  • Arrange a trade with another troop! Juliette can attend all their troop events. In journals you can include pictures, postcards, local maps, patches, SWAPS and anything else your girls can come up with!
  • Don’t forget to send her on your parents’ or relatives’ business trips. Try to get photos of her with politicians, soldiers, celebrities, entertainers, etc. Take her to visit new places in your town.
  • Don’t forget you can always make her additional outfits or print out the passport template to send off with her. Are you visiting another country? Try and get Customs to stamp her passport too!!


Download Flat Juliette Patch Requirements, Passport Templates, and the Flat Juliette Template and Sample Journal Page below. Then, submit photos and journal entries to post on the website, along with the Patch Request Sheet, to Jessie via email or snail mail.

Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

PO Box 10832, Bedford, NH 03031-0832

Let’s see how many places Juliette can visit!