Who can go to Girl Scout camp?

Girl Scout camp is open to all girls entering K in September 2014 through 12th grade. Girls do not need to be involved in Girl Scouting prior to registering for camp. Each camp offers specific programs for different ages.

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Why are the Journeys prerequisites to earn the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards?

The Journeys give girls a full experience of what they will do as they work to earn the highest awards. The skills girls will gain while working on the Journeys will help them develop, plan and implement their Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Award projects.

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Why are your cookie varieties/names of cookies and prices different from the ones my neighbor is selling?

There are two companies licensed to bake Girl Scout Cookies. While certain varieties of cookies are common to both bakers, other varieties are made by only one. Also, while the bakers make certain varieties they do not necessarily call them by the same names. So, you may know Samoas by the name the other baker calls them, Caramel deLites.

Each of the more than 100 Girl Scout councils in the United States contracts independently with a baker. Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains works with Little Brownie Bakers. Each council also sets its own price per box.

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Why didn't a Girl Scout come to my door to sell cookies?

There could be any number of reasons − the world is a big place and even the 2.5 million Girl Scouts in America can't knock on every door!

Many girls and parents choose not to sell door-to-door. Some neighborhoods don't have any resident Girl Scouts. Multi-dweller buildings are often difficult for girls to get into for door-to-door sales. Additionally, it's possible that a Girl Scout knocked on your door while you were not at home.

Because so many people who love Girl Scout cookies don't get an opportunity to buy during the door-to-door portion of the sale, we've set up several other ways for you to get your cookies:

  • Find a booth sale in your area.
  • Call our Cookie Hotline at 888.474.9686 x4201(serving New Hampshire and Vermont); please leave your name, town and phone number. A Girl Scout will contact you.
  • Try our new Cookie Locator App that will allow you to enter your zip code and direct you to Girl Scout Cookie Sales in your area. Simply dial **GSCOOKIES from your device or search Cookie Locator from your app store and download our free app!
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Why don't you offer cookies that are whole-wheat, wheat-free, non-dairy, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, organic, low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, lowfat, non-fat, fat-free, etc.?

Girl Scout Cookies are produced only once a year and for a limited time, so our bakers never achieve the volume required to support the specific production of specialty cookies. The demand has not been great enough to make it economically feasible; however, our bakers continue to experiment and have a commitment to ensuring there is always a "healthful" cookie in their line-up.
Each of our bakers strives to use the most healthful ingredients available in the production of one of America's most treasured sweet treats. Check the labels of all the products you eat, including Girl Scout Cookies. You may just find a variety that fits within your dietary restrictions or goals.

If you are still not able to find a cookie that will meet your dietary preferences, you might consider our Gift of Caring cookie option, where your purchase will be donated to either a charity of a troop's choice, or our military Operation Cookie campaign. Thousands of packages each year are sent to treat, welcome home, and support our military.

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Why isn't there a course in my town?

Courses are scheduled in locations based on need in an area and the availability of facilitators. If you can not make any of the scheduled courses you can call 1-888-474-9686 or email adultlearning@girlscoutsgwm.org to ask to be put on a wait list. The wait list is used to determine where future courses should be held and people on the wait list are contacted when new courses are scheduled in your region.

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Will there be a staff member on the day camp bus with the girls?

Yes. All buses have trained staff members who ride with the girls and sing songs to help the girls have fun during the ride.

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Additional membership questions?
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